Introducing GarageBand for iPad - completely awesome!

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Always wanted to make demos of your songs but never had the right equipment?Keep on losing your best ideas because you cant record them fast enough?Want to add some background sounds and music to a podcast but havent found an easy App to use?Dont know how to play any musical instruments but really want to make some music?If you would answer yes to any of the questions above, then you should know that this course will deliver the missing pieces for you. It can unlock the answers youve been looking for so you can explore further and enjoy yourself in the process.This course will introduce you to GarageBand on your iPad so you can play, create, jam and mix your ownmusic wherever and whenever you want.What terminology is used?Nearly all terminology used in the course is Apples own. This is to keep the course in line and consistent with Apples official GarageBand help pages and resources.What materials are included?All video lectures, transcripts, links and additional help files are included in the course. Once paid for, this course is yours for life - including all updates. However, as of January 2018, I am focussing on completing and publishing my Advanced GarageBand for iPad course - so no more updates to this course are planned.Note: TheGarageBand App is Apple software and only available for Apple devices.How long will the course take to complete?Because the course is structured around 10 minute videos, the pace you choose to learn at will determine how long it will take to study this subject. If you want to proceed quickly through it as fast as you can, it may only take you 2 hours. However, if you take your time, explore the things that are demonstrated and take part in the quizzes, it might take you a few days.How is the course structured?Currently, the course is made up of 15video lectures which are an average of 10 minutes long. In between lectures 4 to 12, there are quizzes that relate to the subject materials of each lecture - to test knowledge and encourage you to retain concepts and information more clearly. There is also a final quiz that tests knowledge across everything covered in the course - except the three bonus lectures.There are also some additional information lectures in the final section which were added when the GarageBand App was updated to version 2.2.Why take this course?Set your creativity free. Unleash your potential as a songwriter, musician, DJ or producer!Note about App version:This course is optimised for GarageBand for iOS v2.1. Apple released an update -v2.2in Jan 2017 which has changed the look of some viewsand functions shown in this course. If you have updated to v2.2, please refer to thesection of Additional Informationvideos at the end of thecourse that cover the changes that were introduced with the newversion.


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